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If you are a citizen from a European Union country or from the European Economic Area (EEA) or from Switzerland, you need to get your Identification Number in Spain, but a visa or a residence permit won’t be required in order to stay legally in the country for the long run.

As a Non-European Union citizen, in order to work and live legally in the country, you will need to get your visa. Depending on the duration of your stay in Spain, you have several options: Short-term visa, temporary residency, permanent residency or obtaining the nationality.

You will need your resident identification number (DNI or NIE) for anything that requires an official process, including taxes, renting or buying property, getting connected to utilities or opening a bank account.

Social Security

Social Security

Spain has one of the best public health care systems in the entire world, according to the Healthcare Access and Quality Index (HAQ). The free public health care system is available for all the residents in the country, providing an exceptional service. 

The Spanish Constitution guarantees that all citizens can receive healthcare and social benefits. This includes both Spanish residents and foreign nationals who reside legally in Spain, whatever their sex, marital status or profession. 

If you are self-employed or the main shareholder or administrator of a company, you must register and pay contributions into a specific social security scheme (RETA), which offers the same general benefits as free healthcare, but has certain limitations for unemployment or work-related illness and accidents. 

If you are an employer, labor laws, regulations and collective labor agreements need to be considered carefully. Labor inspections are not uncommon, and fines can be severe. 

Real Estate

When buying or renting property, it is very important to be well informed and advised regarding the procedures, contracts and legislation involved in order to avoid surprises and costs later.

Negotiation is typical in these cases, and you will want somebody by your side who knows what your rights are and can tell you what is reasonable and what is negotiable in each situation in order to get the best possible conditions.

If you are looking to invest in residential buildings, offices, commercial or industrial properties, we have experienced real estate lawyers on our team to assist you. If you invest €500.000 or more, the Golden Visa rule may apply, and you can get your residency permit at the same time.

Real Estate
Bank Accounts

Bank Accounts

Both residents and non-residents can open a bank account. For a resident the accounts are usually more flexible, and they have more benefits. You can change the type of account once you obtain residency. The requirements for opening a bank account vary according to your status, origin and the bank you choose.

For a business, it is important to choose a bank that is well connected to the local authorities and provides modern digital services. Spanish banks tend to be well connected but some charge high commissions while foreign or pure internet banks offer technology and low costs but might be limited in terms of local business services.

Beware that certain international transactions can be scrutinized or even blocked due to anti-fraud and money laundering laws related to specific banks or countries.

Digital Certificates

digital certificate is like your digital passport and is needed to identify yourself on the internet and to conduct any kind of formal transaction or business. Many administrative procedures in Spain are now exclusively digital and digital certificates are required in order to access them.

By using a digital certificate, your personal data is protected each time you wish to make a secure online transaction. We are official provider of a leading certification service that manages and stores digital certificates according to the latest data protection laws, and makes working with them simple, flexible and fast. 

The system provides immediate online application and avoids the bothersome process of application, physical verification and installing, maintaining and copying the certificates. More importantly, your certificate is protected from abuse and authorizations, renovations or revocations can be centrally managed.

Digital Certificates

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